Masters Degree Scholarship from the Embassy of Kingdom of Morocco

The Ministry announces a new scholarship master’s program in International Studies and Diplomacy from the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Saint Kitts and Nevis is invited to nominate one (1) suitable candidate to take advantage of this opportunity.

The individual should be no more than 25 years of age and have a 90% average.

The scholarship will cover tuition, registration, accommodation, insurance, and round-trip ticket.

Candidates are asked to submit a photocopy of the bachelor’s degree, a copy of the transcript, birth certificate, copy of passport, a recent criminal record, 2 recent photos, and a medical certificate attesting to one’s physical well-being and that he or she is not suffering from any contagious or acute disease, inclusive of tuberculosis.

All candidates must be vaccinated.

Please note that all information should be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by 12 June 2023.


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