The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pleased to inform the general public of the Indigenous Literature Prize of America (PLIA), offered in collaboration with the Embassy of the United Mexican States. This competition will cater for written or orally recorded work in the participant’s mother tongue.

Interested persons are free to choose a theme for their work, which can contain one ore more stories. The length of each submission must be at least 40 sheets in the indigenous language, or the amount corresponding to the translation of the common language of the country of origin.

The body of work must express or recreate the aesthetic, semantic and discursive elements of the participant’s culture and language, and contribute to the development, promotion and literary dissemination in the indigenous language.

The deadline for submission of entries to this competition is Wednesday, 4th August, 2021, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Building #15, Port Zante, Basseterre.

Further guidance for participation in this competition can be found on the website of the United Mexican States at



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