Four St. Kitts and Nevis citizens have recently graduated from Cuban Universities. They are Dr. Crystal Parris-Caines, Dr. Andrew Carlos Liburd, Dr. Rhenez Thompson and Dr. Kha-lis Farrell, who are all enthused about serving their communities on their return home.

Dr. Andrew Carlos Liburd, who studied at the Faculty of Stomatology (Dentistry), University of Medical Sciences, hails from Nevis where he completed his secondary education, and is the latest member of his family to follow the medical tradition. His father, Dr. A. Linton Liburd, is well known, and his four siblings are also medical doctors. He has always had a passion for Dentistry from his school days and worked at both private and public dental clinics, even during his summer vacations. His dream was made a reality in 2014 when he was awarded a scholarship to study in Cuba. He serves and thanks God for his success and looks forward to pushing forward for the highest levels of oral hygiene and for brighter smiles both locally and regionally.

Dr. Rhenez R. Thompson, who studied at the University of Medical Sciences, grew up in Sandy Point where she completed her secondary education and later graduated from the CFB College. She has always had a fascination for the sciences and taught Science and Math at the Verchild’s High School, then received a scholarship to study Medicine in Cuba and began her studies in 2014. She expresses her thanks to God, her family, Church and the former and present Ambassadors to Cuba for their support and encouragement. She aspires to be a part of a generation that embraces change and helps to improve the health sector.

Dr. Crystal E. Parris Caines, who also studied at the University of Medical Sciences, was born in Nevis where she completed her secondary education. She went on to work at the Alexandra Hospital as a nursing attendant and enjoyed helping patients and witnessing their full recovery. In 2014 she was a recipient of a Cuban medical scholarship, which for her was the opportunity of a lifetime. She thanks the former and present Ambassadors to Cuba for their guidance, leadership and support, as well as her family and friends for their unwavering, consistent and persistent love and support. She aspires to be the best she can be and to be of service to humanity.

Dr. Kha-lis Farrell also hails from Nevis where he completed his education in brilliant fashion, becoming best science student. He also worked at the Alexandra Hospital as a student medical lab technician, which furnished him with theoretical and practical skills as an introduction to medical school. Having always believed that he was a scientist at heart, he applied for and received a scholarship in 2014 to study medicine in Cuba. He is happy to have successfully completed his studies despite the challenges and looks forward to returning to the Federation, and in particular to Nevis to contribute to the development and delivery of healthcare services. He wishes to express thanks to his parents, siblings, to the former and present Ambassadors to Cuba, the St. Kitts and Nevis Embassy staff, the Governments of St. Kitts and Nevis and the Republic of Cuba and to all those who supported and encouraged him over the years.

The Embassy of St. Kitts and Nevis in the Republic of Cuba joins the Ministry of Foreign affairs and the Government and people of St. Kitts and Nevis in extending congratulations to our newest medical professionals on their achievements and is proud to have provided support throughout the course of their studies in Cuba.



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