On Friday, September 23rd, nationals from across the United Kingdom came together in London, after a two-year hiatus, to celebrate our national independence. They travelled from Birmingham, Leicester, Manchester, Leeds, Luton, Slough, and Wales, and throughout London; and gathered at the Headquarters of the International Maritime Organisation, IMO, which was briefly transformed into a chapel and elegant dining hall to celebrate the 39th anniversary of Independence.

The officiating pastor was the Reverend Guy Hewitt whose message resonated with those gathered. He reminded them of the journey they were on and to never forget the sacrifices, some of them have made personally to build a more prosperous United Kingdom and that their hard work and energies were bearing fruit, here and at home. The Reverend spoke about the importance of self-reliance and working together as a small independent island state and keeping faith with self, community and country.

High Commissioner Isaac, who was very ably supported by his staff in organising Friday’s event, welcomed the 150-plus nationals in attendance and thanked them for their presence. The High Commissioner expressed his delight that “we were able to meet again”. He brought greetings and well wishes from Prime Minister the Honourable Dr Terrance Drew and Foreign Minister the Rt. Honourable Dr Denzil Douglas. He updated nationals on some of the steps taken to date and the strategic initiatives of the new government to transform the nation, including through education.

HC Isaac urged nationals to keep faith with their fellow brothers and sisters, to look out for each other, to come together to refocus our collective efforts, redesign our vision and re-create and prosper our beloved federation. He implored them to remember and to hold dear the many friends and family members we lost along the way during the pandemic years.



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