Taipei, Republic of China (Taiwan), December 05, 2022 (Embassy of St. Kitts and Nevis) The Embassy of St. Kitts and Nevis in Taiwan successfully participated in the 2022 Taiwan Reading Festival on Saturday 3rd December.

This was the Embassy’s first time participating in the event.

The Embassy’s booth was popular among the fascinated attendees who stopped by to read books, collect inspirational quotes or spend some time colouring the Federations national bird, national flag and an outline of the islands.

Adults and children were encouraged to test their English reading skills by reading an excerpt of one of the books, our national anthem, a poem titled ‘Oh brown pelican’, the inspirational quote they took from the ‘Jar of Hearts’
or the description of one of the symbols on the colouring page.

Each reader was provided with a token of appreciation.

The books displayed were ‘The Masquerade Dance’ and ‘Adventure at Brimstone Hill’ written by Carol OttleyMitchell and ‘The Final Passage’, ‘A Distant Shore’, ‘Crossing the River’ written by Caryl Phillips. The books presented the readers with a glance into Saint Kitts and Nevis’ magnificent culture, folklore and history.

One of the students, Mr. Dajhaal James, dressed in the masquerade costume and read the book ‘Masquerade Dance’ to the patrons at the booth.   

The Embassy extends thanks to the staff and other students who volunteered their time to make this event a success; Shameika Prentice, Devon Peters, Deonje Woodley, Jermellia Henry, Lestron Simpson and Zidane Knight.

The Embassy looks forward to participating in the event and displaying more books next year.