Uday Nayak of KayanJet Makes Donation 

Fulfilling a commitment he made to High Commissioner Isaac, on the eve of the April Diplomatic Week of activities, Mr. Uday Nayak, founder of KayanJet and Special Envoy for Economic Development, made a donation of laptop computers through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ahead of the event and at the request of Permanent Secretary Bass, High Commissioner Isaac undertook to secure computers, six of which were donated in May from another source. Mr. Nayak responded by donating fifteen laptops. Eight of the computers are being donated to the CFBC; three to the National Sports Council; and two will be presented to the Office of the Special Olympics.

Foreign Minister, the Right Honourable Dr Denzil Douglas conveyed his thanks to the High Commissioner and Mr. Nayak. He stressed that “such a practical and useful donation by Mr. Nayak speaks not only to his generosity of spirit, but to his commitment to help the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its efforts to advance the Federation’s sustainable development agenda.” He continued that “computers are no longer luxuries, but essential tools that can significantly assist our young people to develop their capacity and prepare them to better compete in a modern world.”

Permanent Secretary Bass, who, on behalf of the Foreign Minister, challenged Ambassadors and High Commissioners ahead of Diplomatic Week to try and meet some of the needs of several local academic institutions, expressed her gratitude to High Commissioner Isaac and Mr. Nayak.

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