Korean Government Scholarship Program for Graduate Students 2024

(Basseterre, 27 February 2024) – The Ministry is pleased to announce the Korean Government Scholarship Program for Graduate Students 2024 from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea.

Scholarships are only available to those citizens interested in pursuing their Master’s or Doctorate Degrees, and Research Programs.

Eligible candidates must be below the age of 40, be in good health and must have a GPA of at least 2.6.

Nominees are required to submit the completed application form, personal statement, study plan, a letter of recommendation, copy of degree, transcripts, the application agreement, personal medical assessment, consent to collect and use personal information, and proof of citizenship and family relation documents.

It is important to note that all transcripts and degrees must be apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Each document comes at a cost of EDC $55 in stamps.

Applicants are asked to pay strict attention to the application guidelines.

Applications can be found at:


All documents should be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Tuesday, 5th March, 2024 for onward processing.



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