Authentication (Legalization) of Documents

Foreign countries often require “official” documents to be “authenticated” before such documents can be accepted. An “authentication” is a governmental act by which a designated public official certifies to the genuineness of the signature and seal and the position of the official who has executed, issued, or certified a copy of a document. As long as this document is authenticated by an apostille it is internationally accepted and valid in countries which are Party to the Convention de La Haye du 5 October 1961.

The sole function of the apostille is to certify the authenticity of the signature on the document in question by identifying any stamp or seal affixed to the document. The apostille either must be attached as an annex to the official document or placed on the document itself by means of a stamp.

At the Ministry this process may take one (1) working day once the documents meet the necessary requirements. Please note that the document(s) must be hand-delivered to the Ministry where an officer will ensure that they meet the necessary requirements for processing. The cost of the Apostille is $55.00 ECD in STAMPS (which may be obtained from the General Post Office, Bay Road).

Further information regarding this process can be obtained from:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
3rd Floor, Government Headquarters
Church Street
Tel. No.: (869) 467 1161
Fax:(869) 465 5202

Processing of Temporary Residence Stays of Diplomatic Agents
Resident diplomatic agents from foreign countries are required to apply for Temporary Residence in the Federation. A diplomatic note or official letter accompanied by the passport is forwarded by the Embassy to the Ministry for the necessary processing.

Issuance of Personal IDs to Diplomats
The Ministry prepares Diplomatic IDs for resident diplomatic agents. The request for such an ID is forwarded via diplomatic channel from the resident Embassy. Two ID size photos must accompany the Form to facilitate processing.

Processing of Driver’s Licence for Diplomatic Agents
The Ministry facilitates the processing of Temporary Driver’s Licences for diplomatic agents from foreign countries posted to Saint Kitts and Nevis. The Embassy should request via diplomatic channel a Temporary Driver’s Licence in favour of the diplomat. This should be accompanied by a Driver’s Licence from the diplomat’s Sending State..

Visa Assistance
The Ministry’s website provides a number of links to sites which provide information regarding the application process for visas and passports for respective countries. The Ministry will liaise with various Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates of countries to facilitate travel of Government officials on official business.

E-visa to Saint Kitts and Nevis
The Ministry’s site provides a link to the e-visa website for visitors who require a visa to the Federation.

List of Countries for which Nationals of Saint Kitts and Nevis do Not Require Entry Visas
Nationals of the Federation may also access the site to ascertain the countries for which they do Not require a visa.

List of Countries Whose Nationals Require an Entry Visa to the Federation
The list of countries whose nationals require a visa to Saint Kitts and Nevis is also available.

Emergency Visas
Most countries consider the need to travel for urgent medical attention or a death in the family as Emergency matters. The Embassy of the United States in Barbados ( may be contacted directly for emergency appointments (NOT visas). It must be noted that persons would still need to visit the Embassy in Barbados to be finger-printed, a step in the process of applying for a visa.

Foreign Affairs arranges for the necessary courtesies to be extended to diplomats visiting and/or transiting the Federation. The Ministry also requests protocol arrangements for the Governor General, the Prime Minister and other Government Ministers travelling overseas on official business.

The Ministry is able to advise on seating arrangements at ceremonies. The Order of Precedence which is available on this site also offers some guidance.

Facilitation of Scholarships and Technical Assistance
Periodically, the Ministry receives offers of scholarships and technical assistance via diplomatic channel. Information on scholarships is forwarded to the Human Resource Management Department (869) 467 1036 for dissemination.